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Yamaha bikes would be the most well-liked bikes amongst the Indian bikers. Yamaha YZF R125 is the new addition for the R-series of Yamaha. This bike is regarded as as the Numero Uno in the 125cc sports bike segment. This bike is developed to catch the fancy on the first-time 125cc young purchasers. It has an aggressive look of R-series styling and equipped with liquid cooled single-cylinder engine. Resting around the full-sized Deltabox chassis, this bike would be the blend of finest efficiency, macho styled appear and winner spirit.

The higher functionality of this Yamaha bike will be the outcome in the all new and sophisticated 125cc 4-stroked engine. Like all other heavier members of R-series, this bike also delivers leader efficiency. Yamaha engineers have worked difficult to design and style and introduce the initial liquid-cooled 4-storke single-cylinder SOHC engine in the enterprise. The high amount of intake and exhaust efficiency is delivered by the 4-valve cylinder head.

Yamaha YZF R125 features a compact fuel injection program which is fed by a higher capacity air box. Add to this, there are two inlet valves which support to deliver optimum intake efficiency and the fantastic throttle response. This bike has fantastic pick up and delivers robust acceleration. This really is because of the compact short-stroke engine. Combined with qualities which enhance the functionality like fuel injection system, no cost plowing exhaust and 4-valve head, this bike is regarded as as the strongest performing within this 125 class. The strong acceleration and eth peak best speed is due to the 6-speed transmission.

Look from the bike is such that individuals often error it for a larger capacity machine. It is a great stunner when operating around the road. It functions distinctive dual headlights which are observed in each of the R-series bikes. It features a low frontal location and modest tail. It rests on a full-sized chassis and within full-sized bodywork. The optimum balance of strength and rigidity is delivered by the lightweight Deltabox frame. Yamaha has produced its finest efforts to offer the best-handling machine within this segment. Within the supersport category, this twin spar Deltabox style is amongst the best-handling styles. Probably the most distinctive function of this bike is its full-sized chassis. Its stability is enhanced by the broader wheelbase which measures 1353 mm. All as a consequence of its larger size, this bike has the bigger and comfy riding position.

You've got option of four colors which includes Burning Blue, Sports White, Impact Yellow and Midnight black. This bike provides freedom to chase your dreams on the road.

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